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TOP 1 教育专题(留学、大学生心理、就业、在线教育) 押题统计:张剑、蒋军虎、新东方、陈正康
1、留学问题       With the rapid development of economy, an increasing number(越来越多) of families could afford, to some extent, the once-deemed-expensive(曾经昂贵) overseas education, which boasts independent living experiences as well as a wider vision.
      The opening up policy has provided people with more chances to receive their education abroad.
      The increasing financial ability,coupled with the desire for a better education, will motivate more people to realize their dreams of studying abroad.
2、大学生心理问题       The fact cannot be ignored that college students have to face an increasingly intense competition in the job market, which brings about anxiety about their future.
3、就业问题       Graduates should know what kinds of position would be good fits for them, instead of blindly longing for so-called lucrative jobs.
      There should be career services in colleges to guide students through the internship and job-hunting process.
      I am one of many young Chinese graduates who have been caught in(投身于,陷于) the civil service mania, hoping that my toil in taking the exams will land me a stable career with a decent income and a respectful status. For me, the civil service paints a prosperous future; it would mean a change of fate.
4、海归回国发展        China is enjoying sound and sustained economic and social development, which offers a better environment to those who want to bring their talent into full play(施展才华).
5、在线教育       In addition, we have come to embrace E-learning, especially among the generations after 80s and 90s, who are accustomed to(习惯于) e-payment and have become the most important consumer group.
6、实习经历       I can think of no better illustration for the point than my practicum in a poverty-stricken area when I was still a sophomore. At the very beginning, I did not like taste of cabbages and steamed buns, because I grew up in a bottle of honey(在蜜罐中长大). But a few weeks later, I learnt the art of …… . The important thing is that I went through the hard times and I can re-start my life with a new outlook on life.
      Financial sources of Chinese college Students are quite different from those of American students. In China, students get 90% of their money from their parents while in America, only 50% of students' money is provided by parents. In addition, Chinese students earn only 5% of their money from part time jobs and 5% from fellowship or scholarship while income from these two resources for American students takes up(占) 35% and 15% respectively of their total income.
      I think there are probably three reasons for their differences. First, because of the influence of different social and family values, Chinese students have formed the habit of asking for money from their parents while American students have developed more sense of being financially independent. Second, most Chinese parents devote too much care to their children and they would rather save up to afford their children's education rather than encourage them to take part-time jobs.
      But in America, many parents pay more attention to developing the students' ability of self-reliance(自立), so they encourage their children to find part-time jobs to earn some money by themselves. Third, since America is more developed than China, it is relatively easy for students to find part-time jobs. In China, such opportunities are rather rare.
      I believe with the development of China, more and more Chinese students will realize and pay more attention to the necessity of self-dependence(独立). In addition, more and more opportunities will be provided for them to take part-time jobs. So, more students will go out of the ivory tower(象牙塔) to broaden their knowledge and to become the master of their own lives.
Top 2 网络科技专题(网购、网络欺诈、电子支付、阅读) 押题统计:张剑、蒋军虎、新东方、陈正康
1、网购、移动网购规模、网民比例、网购满意度       The appeal of mobile shopping will continue to draw new users and generate even higher volume in the future, but a less daunting rate(惊人的速度) as market becomes mature.
      According to a recent Internet questionnaire, the overwhelming majority(大多数) of the respondents see net purchases as a blessing since they compared to traditional retail consumption patterns, are cheaper and more convenient.
      Online shopping, for instance, has become a part of many young people's life. Older people, on the other hand, may not be familiar with or even have doubts about these uses of Internet.
      To begin with, laws and regulations need to be carried out more strictly to punish those who sell fake and low quality commodities. Furthermore, consumers need to enhance their own sense of(加强意识) self-protection against online frauds. Last but not least, platforms and online stores are supposed to deal with the after-sale disputes in time with a responsible attitude.
2、手机支付       Considering the fact that more merchants begin to support mobile payment methods, such as We-chat and Apple Pay, and students will have more money at their disposal as the living standard is being raised in China, it is safe to predict that college students will also be more inclined to(倾向于) make payment using phones.
      鉴于越来越多的商户开始支持手机支付,如微信和Apple Pay,也鉴于中国的生活水平持续提升,学生手头会有更多的钱,可以安全做出如下预测:将来大学生会倾向于手机支付。
3、手机阅读       Furthermore, people become increasingly aware of(越来越意识到) the importance of getting well-informed about the outside world in the ever-accelerating era(日新月异的时代) and phone reading provides them with a good channel to broaden their horizons.
      It is clear, demonstrated in the chart above, that some changes have taken place in the number of the netizens(网民,新生词汇哦) in China in recent years. Based upon the statistics provided by the chart, one can see that the number of the netizens in the city has been on an ascending trend(上升趋势) all the time. In the year of 2012, the number was merely 50 million, while within no more than several years, it went sharply up to 300 million in 2015. Meanwhile, the rural area has also witnessed a steady increase(稳定增长), reaching 115 million in 2015.
      It is of sensible for me to put forward some contributing factors to account for this situation. At the top of the list, with the pace of life speeding up, the Internet has become increasingly indispensable(必不可少) in our daily life. According to a reliable report, some youngsters might even spend more than 8 hours in surfing(上网) a day. In addition, we must admit that Internet, as a highly efficient means of communication, shortens the distance between people. Finally, the fact cannot be ignored that the Internet will help us keep up with the latest information wherever we are.
      From the discussion mentioned above, we can safely come to the conclusion that this phenomenon is positive and therefore beneficial. And it is sure that this established trend is bound to(必定) continue in the years to come.
Top 3 社会文化专题 押题统计:张剑、蒋军虎、新东方、陈正康
1、旅游问题       The rocketing of the tourist number(游客数量激增) has left the industry far behind.
      As an emerging industry, our tourism ought to explore ways to keep with the tourists' growing demand.
      Is a "tourist blacklist", which could impose penalty measures on tourists on the list, helpful in rooting out bad behavior by Chinese tourists? While many people applaud the new measures, saying they will be very effective in deterring people from showing their worst sides while traveling away from their home, others have pointed at some difficulties and concerns which could make implementing the "blacklist" difficult or even detrimental to its very purpose.
2、文化问题       Evolving through time, characters of the Chinese language have influenced almost all aspects of the Chinese culture. They range from the dining table to furniture, from house decorations to the money people spend. "The abundant application of characters in everyday life in China provides rich resources and references for modern design." says one social-linguist.
      The improper use of foreign elements is destroying the Chinese language and culture. In response to this, there are already national laws banning the use of foreign names or exotic architectural designs in public places, such as for roads, squares, and natural scenery. It should be noted that(应该注意) "moderation is the best policy." 外国元素的不当使用正在破坏中国语言和文化。对此,已经有国家法律禁止道路、广场、自然风景等公共场合中使用外国名字或异国建筑设计。应该注意的是:适度是最好的政策。
      Crossing roads in China can be a dangerous adventure. According to a post in Sina Weibo, Chinese people "cross roads without taking traffic lights into account, so long as they are part of a crowd." Some say this behavior reflects the bad traits of the Chinese character, such as a flock mentality. But many people point to two other reasons: a lack of effective law enforcement, and a flaw in the design of traffic lights.
      The pictures depicts China's incredible shrinking households. Chinese families have been shrinking in size. Before the 1950s, there was an average of 5.3 people in one family. But now, Chinese families average 2.72 people. Small sized families have become mainstream, making up(占) 60 percent of all families. Nuclear families having three family members are the most common type of family unit in China.
      As is revealed clearly in the table, in the past several years, noticeable changes have taken place with regard to tourism industry. Based upon the figures of the table, it could be noticed that this industry has been growing rapidly. In the year of 2006, the revenue of this industry was merely 380 million RMB, while no more than 7 years it rocketed to 1.5 billion in 2012. In the meantime, however, tourists' complaints have been on a dramatic increase(急剧增长), attaining 35,000 in 2012.
      It's of no difficulty for me to come up with some possible factors to account for this phenomenon. To begin with, this phenomenon is closely related to the rocketing(激增) of the tourist number, which has left the industry far behind(设施落后). Furthermore, the scenario at the moment, to a certain degree, has something to do with the inadequacy of the relevant regulations and rules. Finally, tourist agencies' poor service is yet another significant contributing factor that cannot be ignored. According to a recent Internet questionnaire in 20I2, approximately 22% of the tourists surveyed claim to have been deceived by tourist guides during their sightseeing.
      In view of what has been mentioned so far, we can conclude that our tourism, as an emerging industry, ought to explore new ways to keep pace with with the tourists' growing demand. And I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing some positive changes in our tourism in the near future.
      上述表格清楚地显示了,在过去几年中旅游行业发生了一些显著的变化。根据表中数据,我们可以发现旅游行业发展迅猛。2006 年,旅游收入仅为3.8亿元,然而不到7年的时间,2012年收入猛增到15亿元。但与此同时,旅游投诉也有急剧增长,2012年达到了36000 次。
      我们可以很容易地找出这种现象背后的可能原因。首先, 随着旅游人数的激增, 大部分景点尚未更新景区设施和服务,相对落后。此外,某种程度上,当前的现象与相关规章制度的不完善有很大关系。最后,旅行社糟糕的服务也是不容忽视的一个重要因素。最近一份2012年的网上问卷调查表明, 将近22%接受调查的游客称在旅游过程中曾受过欺诈。
TOP 4 环境专题 押题统计:张剑、蒋军虎、新东方、陈正康
      The severe condition at the moment is closely related to the rapid industrialization of China.
      We may reasonably conclude that counter measures must be taken to reverse or at least alleviate the deterioration.
      Apart from the mandatory administrative closure order, the invisible hand of the market went right for the industry's throat(直掐某人的喉咙): many coal plants exited the fuel business voluntarily and clean fuels were eating into their market share(蚕食市场份额), which made profit margins(利润率) even thinner.
      In essence, the transition away from coals is a miniature(缩影) of China's strategic shift(战略转移) from a highly-polluting and low-efficiency industrial economic model to a cleaner and more sustainable one.
      Many colleges and universities are promoting waste management practices on their campuses to encourage students to pursue a greener way of life(追求环保的生活方式) and plant the seed of environmental awareness in the minds of their college youth. For example, after identifying that 40 percent of the municipal waste produced in Hong Kong is food waste, the Chinese University of Hong Kong last year launched the program of limiting the university's waste through the use of decomposers. A student organization also hands out brochures to encourage students ________.
      Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular in China. They help alleviate pollution, traffic and parking problems, and are cost-effective and convenient for their consumers. While the main advantage of electric vehicles (EVs) is that they are environment-friendly, there are other incentives to encourage consumers to drive electric cars, such as government subsidies, low fuel cost and new mechanism to share the vehicles for transportation.
      The waste sorting system, including green recycling bins on campus, may fall short of the expectations of its designers. Government agencies at all levels have been hesitant to pass laws requiring recycling, believing it should be left to individual provinces or individual people to decide whether to recycle: Cities often run into cost issues when considering implementing recycling programs.
      As is shown clearly in the pie-chart, a few factors combined contribute to the grim situation of air pollution. Among them, the percentage of the pollution related to the CO2 emissions of motor vehicles is 38%, which is the highest of all the four categories.
      The contributing influence are to be explained as follows. At the top of the list is the growing number of private cars. According to a recent official report, roughly 78% of the families in big cities have purchased their own motor car. In addition, the severe condition at the moments closely relates to the rapid industrialization of our China. Lastly, people's poor environmental consciousness(薄弱的环保意识) also contributes a lot to this scenario.
      In view of the analysis, we may reasonably conclude that counter measures must be taken to reverse or at least alleviate(减轻、缓和) the deterioration. And l am hoping with confidence that an agreeable environment will come back in the foreseeable future.
      如饼图所示,严重的污染问题是由一些因素共同造成的。在这些因素中,汽车排放的二氧化碳所造成的污染占比最高,达到38% 。
      根据上述分析, 我们可以合理地得出结论:必须采取相应的措施来抑制甚至扭转不断恶化的环境问题。我坚信,未来环境将会有极大的改善。
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